60th Anniversary Snorkel

They came (young , middle-aged , old ?) ............................ to Windsurfers Pier, Dun Laoighaire

The wind and rain gods stayed away and allowed sun to shine on calm seas for this group of intrepid snorkelers.

Glaucus, the god of the sea, unfortunately did not appear to provide visibility to the sea and add to the adventure on this 60th anniversary snorkel.

The snorkelers organised themselves into groups and headed off to explore between Windsurfers pier and Seapoint's martello tower.  Many conquered ................ all the yellow buoys, while others bee lined to the tower and back.

Full of the joys of a good snorkel (even without viz) and the warmth of the sun our snorkeling group adjourned to The Purty Kitchen for chin wagging and victuals.


Many thanks to the organisers and the shore marshals who stayed on post, watching all the snorkelers with eagle eyes, until the last came ashore.

All in all , a great morning for over twenty members of ISAC.

Some of the club members who came out to celebrate the Club's 60th anniversary.