The Irish Sub-aqua Club is the oldest formal diving club in Ireland, with an extensive history. In fact we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2006! Most of our members are based in Dublin, although there are a few wild geese who have atrayed to the four corners of the world but still keep in contact. Hopefully one of the things that this website will allow you to do is to keep you up-to-date with what is happening with the Club back here in Ireland. If any of you see the site please email us and let us know what you think.

We have about 80 members consisting of divers, ex-divers, snorkellers and social members. At any one time we usually have between 40 and 50 diving members. We have our own separate Junior section of the Club which is very active and which usually has a waiting list of kids wanting to join.

We have moorings in Dun Laoghaire and Rush and diving in Dublin usually operates out of these locations. Diving in Dublin ranges from the Muglins to Lambay Is. and Rockabil Lighthouse and includes many well known wrecks such as the MV Leinster and the Vanguard.

In addition to boats we have our own compressors and a variety of oxygen kits, handheld VHF radios and other sundry items of diving gear.

Although diving in Dublin can be good it's safe to say that the most popular activities within the Club are our regular trips away to other more scenic Irish Dive locations. We have an organised Club trip away each bank holiday weekend. Many Club members travel for these so it is usually necessary to book well in advance. There are lost of other trips which are less formally organised often organised at short notice. Most of these are open to all members of the Club. Details will usually be posted on the website or circulated by email, alternately keep your ears open at our regular pool sessions.

The Club is also very active in diving related competitions and has organised many events in the past particularly long distance snorkelling events