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Revision No.: 1.0

Date Reviewed: 08/072014

Issued By: DM

Document Reference:  CFT 424

Approved By:  Executive

                                                      Guest Diver Policy

CFT welcome divers and snorkel divers from all organisations. This guest dive policy is intended to allow potential new members, who have an existing and recognised diving qualification, the opportunity to dive as a guest of a CFT club, before joining the club. CFT public liability insurance will extend to a qualified visiting diver to dive with a CFT club for up to three dives once the following is adhered to:


1.  The guest diver must be qualified to a CFT "recognised" standard as laid down in the CFT equivalency policy (CFT procedure 403: Diver Equivalence Policy)

2.    The guest diver must adhere to the CFT Rules and Regulations (CFT procedure 401: Diving Rules and Recommendations )

3.    The guest diver must adhere to the Depth limits of their CFT equivalent grade  (CFT procedure 412 : Dive Buddies and Depths)

4.    The dive must be logged in the club dive record.


 The guest dives at the discretion of the Diving Officer