Happy New Year

A few past, current and future members of the Irish Sub Aqua Club braved the elements to cheer in the New Year of 2017 with a stroll though the woods.  There was 'mighty craic', fun and laughter involving dogs, the North Pole, selling real estate for elves and some mud sliding  - a good omen for the rest of the year.

60th Anniversary Celebrations

The Irish Sub Aqua Club 60th anniversary celebrations in the Marine Hotel, Sutton was a terrific night of fun, laughter, good food, fantastic music and friends throughout the ages all bound by a common interest in underwater exploration.

Diving Hook Head.

The weather was not the most pleasant when we all rolled up beside the Lighthouse on the Hook.  It was misty and grey but the wind was more in our favour as we decided that the Tower Hole was diveable.  Thankfully, just as the first group was doing its buddy check the mist lifted and the sun came out.  This lifted everyone's spirits. With a falling tide all the groups but terrific visibility  in the water all dive groups decided to demonstrate some dramatic entries for the watching crowds.

We will be going back to the Hook again shortly- easy to get to and good diving.

Diving in Malinbeg

The sun came out, the winds dropped and the sea was calm - so calm you could write your name on it - as the Club arrived in Malinbeg for a weekend of diving and socialising.   With only a small group from Dive Inn Scuba to keep us company the pier, facilities and more importantly the dive sites at Mailnbeg were all ours to explore.

Brian the DO led us first to Shark rock to shake off any cobwebs.  The vis was good with lobster and cray evident in the shelves and gullies around this dive site.  Later that afternoon, with flat calm seas, we headed to Rathlin O'Beirne island.  One group fell onto a well broken up wreck while another explored a reef with its octopus inhabitants.

Next morning the weather was even better and it was agreed to have one dive so that we could all enjoy the sun.  Diving off Gloster Rock was like diving in clear fresh water with exceptional vis, lobsters, octopus and colour everywhere.

In the harbour the club also snorkeled and swam enjoying the clear waters and heat from the sun.

Many thanks to Seamus, our dry Cox, and all those who organised accommodation, towed equipment and arranged the weather.

Check out http://www.irish-subaqua.com/video/ for a video of the weekend.


CPR - Practice and refreshing

Thanks to Alice for a great evening of CPR and defibrillation.  Within a short and intense period everyone shook a dummy, assessed the situation, called ambulances and help, applied compressions, kissed the dummy, inflated lungs and provided shocks all round.

Important life saving skills being rehearsed 

Important life saving skills being rehearsed 

60th Anniversary Snorkel

They came (young , middle-aged , old ?) ............................ to Windsurfers Pier, Dun Laoighaire

The wind and rain gods stayed away and allowed sun to shine on calm seas for this group of intrepid snorkelers.

Glaucus, the god of the sea, unfortunately did not appear to provide visibility to the sea and add to the adventure on this 60th anniversary snorkel.

The snorkelers organised themselves into groups and headed off to explore between Windsurfers pier and Seapoint's martello tower.  Many conquered ................ all the yellow buoys, while others bee lined to the tower and back.

Full of the joys of a good snorkel (even without viz) and the warmth of the sun our snorkeling group adjourned to The Purty Kitchen for chin wagging and victuals.


Many thanks to the organisers and the shore marshals who stayed on post, watching all the snorkelers with eagle eyes, until the last came ashore.

All in all , a great morning for over twenty members of ISAC.

Some of the club members who came out to celebrate the Club's 60th anniversary.

Christmas Day Swim

What a great day to start Christmas Day.  Despite the rain, wind and cold (the first wet Christmas Day in many years), there was wonderful turnout of snorkelers and swimmers at the Bull Wall.  The adventurers arrived, quickly disrobed and headed straight into the embrace of the Clontarf Sea for the traditional swim, wash and Christmas wake up.  Mind you they speedily exited the water in a gusto of gasps and screams for towels.

Many thanks to all who braved the day, attended and participated.  Thanks also to Mary and Brendan for the warm drinks and food to cheer up the chilled bodies - much appreciated.

Finally, please note Con was shore marshall and he took his duties very seriously.

A beautiful day for a Big Splash

Splashing about in Sandycove.  Looks like some people forgot their wetsuits and others are hiding the fact that they are still in their warm dry clothes.

Saint Patrick's Day

It's St Paddy's Day and therefore we are off on our traditional Paddy's Day Fin Swim around Dalkey Island.  Beautiful morning, water  not too cold, visability better than expected,.  Although it was a bit sloppy and the current challenging there was plenty of seals for company.  They   definitely were in a playful mood and enjoyed pushing us away from wave washed rocks or else trying to swim between our fins.  Good fun and a very enjoyable day.  Eithne was first home but she took a small!! shortcut to get around Maidens rock and from there home. 




You could be a qualified SCUBA Diver, with an internationally recognised qualification, by autumn 2015.

Irish Sub Aqua Club, Ireland's first scubadiving and snorkelling club, has an excellent membership and training record, is seeking new members to join us next year.  We will be offering “Try-a-Dives in the Sportsco pool, St Lotts Road on Monday 26th January.

Following the Try-a-Dive potential members will have the opportunity to complete the swimming test for membership.

A full programme of training, both practical and theoretical, is organised commencing with pool training on the following Monday, 2nd February for seven Monday evenings (9 to 10 pm) with a lecture programme (details to be announced)

Open water (sea) training, snorkels and SCUBA dives will commence in early March.  Scuba equipment will be provided for the pool training.

Why not give it a try. More information is available from Kate McDermott or Irishsubaqua@gmail.com

Christmas Cycle

Good Day had by all. As you can see from the photo the peleton survived with the thought of refreshments back in Raheny.