Guess where we are

As you can see in the background we are in Drogheda getting ready to "Brave" the historic Boyne river.  This year, as part of the Drogheda Maritime Festival, the Drogheda Triathlon Club were asked to organise an inaugural 2.7 km swim down the River Boyne.   Well it was a swim for the tourists and a race for others.  150 took part and club was well placed overall - if you count 2nd, 97th and 104th good places. 

The swim itself was a terrific with warm and clean river water, aided by only a slightly ebbing tide, cheering crowds, kayak and boat support, and loads of goodies at the end. After starting a the Mell the yellow capped swimmers fought their way downstream to the first bridge.  It was here that the mass started to thin out and swimmers found their own space and clean swim lines to relax and get into a rhythm.  After passing under 6 bridges - the last being the railway viaduct there was only 400m to go and everyone pushed the pace a bit harder to get ahead of the cluster that had surrounded them for the  last 20 - 35 minutes.   A really well organised and enjoyable event.  Will be returning next year and hope to have a few more Club members participate.